Thursday, June 4, 2009

They are done..

School is over as of today at 1:30pm. They are home and already they are bored out of their mind. I on the other hand have had to straighten out a few things with my daughters school. I knew this year went a little to easy and something had to happen.
Jordan has always had issues with her sinuses this year it has been really bad. She has missed school due to these issues and I am forever sending in notes to them to let them know why she is out and I have even gone to the school to pick up things and drop things off. Not once has anyone said "hey your daughter is in danger of attendance problems." Or have they ever said she has to may unexcused absences. Nope No one has said a word to me.
Today we get her report card with 3 different notes telling me we have to contact a person over her unexcused absent abuse problem. Then we get a note saying she need chronic disease management through the school nurse. Then a form I need to take to the doctor to get filled out to explain her disease problems.
Needless to say they all got nice emails to fill their boxes in the AM. And if that is not enough for them I am going to make sure to be there to have a chat with them next week before they close before summer school starts. I am HOT HOT HOT!! I send notes in and they don't do what they are suppose to do with them and now it's my problem.. I do not think so. UGHH why can't we just end on a positive note for once.. I am so sick of having to do this kind of things..
Here I was running around like crazy to get forms signed so she can stay at that school and with this she may still have to change schools. UGHH


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