Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Open Letters

Dear Wal-mart

While I enjoy shopping at your store,I find it annoying that the shopping carts made for families with more then one child are kept in the hot sun. I can't place my children in them as the hot plastic actually might cook their little legs. Just a thought to the person who put the shopping carts away. Make a space for the large family carts so that more people can use them.
Also please stop bragging about every day low prices. Your prices are low there is no doubt about it. But when you are always over charging people a few cents here a dollar there it makes it hard for us as customers to enjoy your every day low prices. Then when we as customers go and say something about being over charged, it would be nice if the person in the Customer Service area wouldn't be hateful and rude to us. Maybe instead of telling your employees to get on state assistance during their training, maybe you could replace that class with a manners class. Just a thought.

Dear Sheriff Department,

Thank you for protecting and serving all our fine citizens. You do your job well. NOT!!
Word of advice when running radar outside of your vehicle on a two lane road, it is not wise to step out in front of a SUV that is traveling faster then said speed limit and expect them to stop with out almost hitting you or another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Just a thought here, Why not have one officer run the radar and another in official vehicle pull the cars over. It could save a life and a lot of paper work if an accident should happen.
Also just because you don't wish to sit at a red light does not mean that turning your lights and sirens on behind 20 cars in 4 lanes of traffic will get them to all part ways so you can get through said intersection. It does take some time to clear that many cars out of the way and Honking your horn and playing with your siren is not going to make it happen any faster. SHH I won't tell them all that I was behind you when you were clear the intersection and turned all of that off and pulled into Burger King. That croissant you ordered and coffee just couldn't wait for you. Yes that is right I was the lady behind you smiling half way and mumbling under my breath that your badge and gun doesn't make you any better then me when it comes to red lights. I am sure you heard me because I wasn't trying to be quiet about it. But no worries dear officer your secret is safe with me and the many that read my blog every day.

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