Friday, June 5, 2009

I am thinking Christmas already

and it's only June.

I am gathering up ideas of what I am wanting to make people for Christmas. I know for sure this year I am going to do some kind of cook book. I am forever being asked how did you make that or what's in this or that. And people are always calling and asking for a recipe that I made or something I brought to a party. While I enjoy making those things I think it's time I start sharing my recipes with them so that they can enjoy the foods with out feeling like they are bothering me by asking for recipes.

I also want to do some kind of photo project for the grandparents of the kids.

And I know for sure I am going to make Serenity some dresses and some PJ's.
For Logan I want to make PJ pants.
For Jordan I would love to try to make her some new bedding and some PJ's.

I think I really want to keep Christmas simple this year. And do more home made things.

Crazy to be thinking about it now but all of that stuff is going to take time and money so I have to start soon..

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