Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer is here

And they are bored already.

We have a half day of school left and already they are crying boredom. I dread this time of year but look forward to it as well. For me it's a slow down period and for my kids it's boredom run a muck. They love being at school with their friends and all of their after school things. But I long for the days of when I can sit and do nothing or I can take a trip somewhere and no have to worry about making it back on time to pick one of them up.

I think we are going to be spending a lot of time at the library this summer. Jordan has a mile long of summer reads she has to do for her English class. And I am just ready to get back to reading some of the books I have been wanting for a while now. Logan will love the library as always and Serenity might enjoy it a little more this summer. I am sure we will head to the beach a few times and down the Salt Springs to swim. A trip or two to grandparents and a few trips over to my SIL house to swim in her pool and I think we will then be ready for back to school.

I am sure that with all of those plans I will here a million and 5 times I'm Bored..

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