Monday, May 18, 2009

Where we stand.

I know I left everyone hanging with what's going on with Serenity. I never meant to do that I just needed the time to try and wrap my brain around what I do know for sure. Which isn't much considering all the stuff we have had to do to her here lately.

I deleted the Dairy and Gluten Free Princess blog, because gluten isn't an issue anymore. We found out that she isn't allergic to gluten. We still have issues with Dairy but it's not as serve as we once believed. In moderation she can tolerate some dairy. So that was good news.

She is still having trouble with her stomach. We got referred to a GI specialist a few weeks back. We went and seen him and he schedule and Upper and Lower GI test done for June 22nd. To be honest it was the very best he could do to get it done that soon. He is one of 2 specialist at Nemours that do that test and they are super booked. I feel blessed to be able to have it done that soon.

While we were there he was looking at all the blood work and said that he didn't believe she had problems with her Iron levels and that he believed that it was something else. In the back of my mind that sent up TONS AND TONS of RED FLAGS!!! He asked me to bare with him as he went and spoke with a hematologist on the next floor up. What else could I do but wait. All the while I wanted to grab my child up and run and pretend now of this was really happening and that she was just a normal healthy 2 year old. He came back and said to stop giving her the iron that the Ped had order and continue with chewable vitamins with Iron. That he was referring us to the Hematologist who said that she needed to see Serenity as soon as possible. He also let us know that while Serenity was under for what he needed to do that he was be drawing extra blood for the Hematologist. He was reassuring that it was something that could be quickly solved and told us not to worry.

So here we sit. Knowing no more then when all of this started. And feeling like there is something more to it then all of the doctors are really telling us. I can say that we are not dwelling on all of this and we are going on living a normal every day life. It does sit in the back of our minds and it is hard not to call the doctors every 5 minutes to see if we can speed things up. I am truly having my patience tested and my faith.

So if you are praying people, please pray for us and for Serenity and for her doctors. I promise to keep everyone posted on what they find and what is happening here. And I promise to post some happier post soon..

Much Love...


evil cake lady said...

Laurie this must be so hard for you and your husband. I hope that the test results show something that can be treated easily and quickly. You are all in my thoughts!

Laurie said...

Thank you so much. It has been very trying and hard. I keep wondering what we can do to speed things up. But there just isn't much you can do. We already go to some of the best doctors around and outside of that it's just waiting.. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts..

Beth said...

We are praying for you guys, Laurie!! *hugs*