Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cooked out..

I think I have reached a time where I am just all cooked out. I don't want to anymore at all. I hate the idea of making dinner every night and I hate even more trying to decided what to make.

Here it is Grocery shopping time again and I don't have a clue of what to buy or what we will eat for the month. I shop by the month to cut down on trips to the store. I normally would have my menu done and ready to post on the fridge but I just can't get in the mood to do it.

I feel like all we do is eat the same things over and over again. The many reason is because everyone here is so picky. Rob won't eat baked meat or boil meat. He hates the taste of it and would rather have it sauteed or pan seared or fried or cooked in olive oil. Jordan won't touch fruit and a few veggies. Logan hates tomatoes, so that rules out a lot of foods that are easy to make. Serenity she eats very little, she won't touch ground meat of any kind. I will eat just about anything, cooked any way. But then again I was brought up to eat what was in front of me or starve. So not how I brought my kids up. (Maybe I should have and I wouldn't be sick of cooking)

It's also hot here now and that makes the whole idea of standing in the kitchen for an hour cooking a meal that we may or may not eat not so appealing. My kids tend to eat a lot less during the summer and would much rather be allowed to snack all day long.

I am just so over it.. I need a chief for a month to come and make my family happy.

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Jamie said...

I was also brought up to eat everything on my plate. It is definitely not how my kids have been brought up.
For meal plan inspiration I often visit www.taste.com.au
It is an Australian website, but if you can put up with the conversions you might like it. I will often put in something like 'chicken' (we eat lots of chicken) and scroll through until I hear or see something which takes my fancy.
I find this site really handy as the meals are pretty simple and there are so many different foods. I would be happy to have a set meal plan month in, month out, but my husband likes to try different things so I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.