Monday, November 17, 2008

Logan and his new school

We finally got to move forward with getting the help that Logan needs for his education. We have been working really closely with this program called Child find and the school board here in our area. He was going to a day care where he was in a class of 18-20 kids. He was lost and just not able to keep his mind focused on what he was doing. He was getting the hang of things but not as fast as the other kids and unfortunately the teachers could not keep waiting for him to catch up with the rest of the class. They helped get the process started for the testing and then his wonderful neurologist sent a note and her report to Child find and it help keep the ball rolling.
He is now in a Pre-K program at a elementary school with only 5 kids in his class and 3 teachers. He is thriving and is making great progress. He is still waiting to get his speech testing to see where he is at in that area. They may wait until after Thanksgiving break to do that.
He has started singing songs that he has learned at school, he is recognizing letters and is really starting to count more. He is writing his name better each day. He still has issues with focusing and staying on task. They are working with him on that using a reward system that is really working. His teacher told me that if a leaf was to blow by he would pay more attention to that leaf then he would her. And she is right and that is always been a problem with him. They are working on eye contact because he has never really looked anyone in the eyes since he was 1. His teacher has let me know that he is talking more in class and that the kids love him. He is picked first by everyone in the class if they play a game or if they need a buddy to go do something, they all want him to go with him. We leave and everyone has to say goodbye to him. He told me that he was popular and that it meant everyone liked him. So that was a big deal for him.
He is such an amazing little boy and it so sad sometimes to watch him struggle to grasp things. I just hope that we have done what's best for him and that he keeps on loving school.

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Beth said...

I'm so glad he loves his new school and is thriving there!

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