Monday, December 29, 2008


I know I have disappeared yet again.

Awhile back I moved my computer out of the family room so that i wouldn't be tempted to use it while the kids were awake. I wanted to start spending more quality time with them doing things they like to do.

And it has helped me out a ton. I no longer spend hours on message boards or myspace or facebook. I don't look for excuses not to go do stuff because I'm busy chatting with people all day. Now we are out and about doing things. We spend the week before Christmas baking tons of cookies,making chocolate covered pretzels and passing them out to our neighbors and friends. We have also spent time going to the library and to the parks and just being outside as a family. It's amazing what being unplugged can do for your married life as well. Seems like Rob and I have started finding new things to do together and new ways to spend our afternoons. We no longer sit in different rooms yelling at each other to check your email. Now we talk and watch movies and laugh about things we have seen while we are traveling around town.

The kids are loving it as well. They are loving doing things as a family. They are loving being able to go out and enjoy the fresh air and ride their bikes and play football.

I recommend UNPLUGGING for a few days for everyone. I PROMISE you won't miss anything and you can even get caught up on everything a couple hours before bed every night. AND in reality those people you talk to online WON'T really miss you all that much.

Take a break from the net and start enjoying the world around you.. Because before you know it things will change and you will have missed it all.


evil cake lady said...

Great post Laurie! I unplugged over the holidays and it was great. Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AS WELL!! I can't wait to see what your cake making skills bring this year. I am all set to make that yummy strawberry cake again for spring.

Bev said...

What a good idea! I did it with the TV and it's great - now the computer - bwah ha ha!