Friday, November 14, 2008

I want a real wedding..

When Rob and I got married it was kind of just thrown together in a weeks time. Not much planning and not much thought of how we wanted it to be. We were planning a real wedding but I was pregnant with Jordan and we had a lot of outside influences on us and we just decided to do it and get it over with. ROMANTIC RIGHT!! NOT!!
And now after 12 years of marriage I think I want a real wedding. I want the dress, the great looking man in jeans and a white button down shirt and the cute little kids in cute kid clothes all out on the beach at sun set with not shoes on.
I have the song picked out from me to him and he has always had the song for me. I have my dress picked out and what I would wear in my hair and his outfit we own. The girls I would make them dresses and Logan we would get some cute shorts and a white shirt. Easy as can be. I would make my own cake and do the food myself. Nothing over the top just sweet moment with him and I and our kids and our parents. Not other people.
Now really isn't the time to think of all of this as money is tight. But darn it I have made it through some tough times with him and I have stayed and he has stayed. We deserve to have what we wanted a long time ago.
Now to go about planning something and to get him on board with the whole idea. He says once you do it one time you don't need to do it again.. Just like a man to think that way. I'll just plan it and he will just have to show up.

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HS said...

Whatever you do don't put it on your credit card!!! you will regret it one day!