Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bloger I am not...

I am not blogging much. I try to get here and read every night and write something if I can. But most days things just get out of hand and by the time I have a moment for me I am so wore out that I can't even being to think about the computer.
I have taken on making dresses for a teacher at Logan's school. I have made 2 so far and well I have another one just waiting on me to find a spare moment. (that is where I should be right now but I am sick of looking at fabric and my sewing machine.) My eyes are bothering me again. I wear glasses but I don't think they are strong enough anymore. (gosh getting old stinks) Made an appointment already to get my eyes tested again. Hope this time I can get contacts as well as glasses.. (PLEASE GOD let that happen)
So here is a small glimpse of what has been going on..
Logan started school and then we got told he needed testing for speech. Fine we will run with that. Then at the pre-testing for child find they found a few other things they thought need to be checked into. So sure whatever lets do it. So now after he has already made friends at one school, he may have to change to another school to get all the things he needs to help him be ready for Kindergarten next fall. So that means he has to adjust again to a new school and longer days.. UGHHH adjusting and transition is something he is not good at but I am sure we will survive..
Logan 5 week of school they talked about the letter C and I made a nice Chocolate chip cookie cake for him, complete with blue "cookie Monster" frosting that said "C is for COOKIE!!" The kids loved it and the teacher has now asked for a few other cakes from me for other letters. (I think I took pictures of the Cookie cake but I don't remember.)
Jordan, JR HIGH Is going great. Straight A's the first nine weeks. Tried out for Soccer and didn't make it but loved every minute of being there. Has had a number of boyfriends and is loving all the new faces at school. Her attitude and mouth are still getting the best of her. She has learned from the best, her dad.. UGHH. She is working on her science fair project, and a Geography project and a English project all due before Christmas break. I am hoping that she gets them all done and makes A's on all of them..
Serenity, is a MONSTER 18 month old. She is growing up way to fast. She weighs 23lbs and is 32 inches tall at her check up. She talks some but would rather throw fits to get her way. Time out is our new best friend right now. If she has a fit we just tell her to go to her chair and off she goes scream at us NO NO NO. Very cute but she comes out of time out a whole new girl. She is still our little blonde beauty. Both of the older ones already had brown hair by now. But not her she is blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin.. I am being to wonder how long that will last. She has everyone in the house wrapped around her little finger. Logan and her are two peas in a pod. They love each other so much. Whatever he does she is right behind him doing the same thing. And if she needs help he runs to save her.
Rob and I are doing well. He works to much and is always so tried. But that is what happens when you have to take care a family. He is looking for another job. He is hoping to have 2 of them by the new year. So that maybe one will pay better and he just work once in a while at the one he has now.
As for me I am just trying to keep up with it all. Working hard on keeping everyone on schedule and going in all the right directions. I have had to put a lot of things on the back burner to keep up with my day to day life for now. I am hoping that after Jan 1 things will slow down again and I can get back to blogging and being on line more.
Well that is our little update...

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