Friday, June 27, 2008

You need it so it cost more

I am so wore out with going to get FUEL and it costing more and more each time I go to the pump. I mean how hard it is to solve this issue. HELL WE ARE OVER IN IRAQ with our GUN BOATS POINTED AT THE OIL FIELDS DARNING THEM TO GO NEAR THEM!! LIKE IT'S OURS TO PROTECT OR SOMETHING, We even allow them to shoot at us and tell our ARMED forces not to shoot back but, to get on the loud speaker and ask them to go away.. We can send tons of AID to every country under the sun and we can pay for our politicians to go on vacations and fly all over the world. FOR THE LIFE OF US WE CAN NOT WORK OUT SOMETHING TO GET THE PRICES OF FUEL TO GO DOWN! Today it reached a new record high per barrel,and the government is doing nothing. They are sitting there with their thumbs up their butts waiting for someone else to do it for them. Why elect these people who care nothing about working for us? Why Do I have to decided between taking my kids to the park and worrying about us having gas for the week just encase of there is an emergency and we need the car. I MEAN COME ON, this is not how we should have to live.
I went today to get gas, I paid $4.11 a gallon and I got 7.28 gallons for $30.00 bucks. I wasn't all the way on Empty so at a 1/4th of a tank that got me to a 1/2 of a tank.. That will last me 2 days and I will be back where I started from. I use to get 3/4 of a tank for 30.00 on EMPTY!!
People are having decided between Gas and FOOD or Gas and Going to work. We are all going broke buying fuel. It's not like I can cram my family of 5 in a Honda Accord, not when 2 of the kids are still in car seats and My daughter is 5'4" and my Husband is 6'3" tall. WE JUST WON'T FIT!! I have to have a large car and now due to our size we are being punished by our lovely government for needing fuel. I would love to have a car that ran on something other then FUEL but they cost almost as much as my house.
It's just frustrating to know that nothing is being done to help The AMERICAN POPULATION with this problem. I guess that is what our Stimulus checks were for, to pay for FUEL!!!


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