Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are family

Just because I have no new pictures of our family and this one was taken just today at my dad's wedding.
This is (from Left to right) Serenity,Myself,My Granny Pearson,Rob Jordan and Logan down in front.

This is (from Left to Right) My Brother Joel,his son Trevor, My Granny Pearson,My Dad, Del,My daughter Jordan, My Daughter Serenity, Myself, and Logan in front.

Over all it was a good day. I was really happy for my dad and I have had decided as long as his is happy then I am all for it. He is in his 50's and he isn't getting any younger and it's time for him to find happiness. And if Del is that happiness for him then I am glad. She is a very nice lady and she tries really hard to make us feel very welcomed. I can't wait to get a copy of all the other pictures that were taken today.


Beth said...

Laurie you are a hot momma!!

Katy said...

Congrats to your Dad! And your a mighty good looking family.