Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever changing

Every day we change, we change our hair,our clothes,our weight and our names. We change our religion and our beliefs.
Our family has been changing as of late. We have moved, we have changed our children's schools, we have changed our marriage and our family balance. We have changed our beliefs and our look on life.
I have always been some what of a free spirit. I have always had my own ideas of what God and religion is. I can tell you that growing up a preachers kid, I have plenty experience in knowing what the others are led to belief and force fed. I started to realize the older I got the more I saw fault in that belief system. Now I'm not saying I don't believe in God or the Almighty, I'm simply saying I don't believe in the bible. Sure it's inspirational as any other book but, I just don't believe in it. The bible was written by man and well lets face it we mess up everything. We mess up God by making religion instead of just keeping it simple. God is for everyone,just not one religion or another. We mess up nature, we take something so perfect and great and destory it. We trash it,and never see it's beauty. We take our lives,something beautiful that the Almighty has given us and we tear it apart. We fill it full of saddness and harmful things. We find fault in all things bright and beautiful.
For our family we are changing that. We are teaching our children to simply just LOVE. Love the good,the bad,the earth,the simple dragonfly and even the most complex each other and everybody. To love without wanting something in return. To love freely and with a clear vision of pure happiness. To understand that not everyone will feel the same as you or even believe as you but, love them anyways. Love the person that brings you saddness. Not because they hurt you but because the Almighty loves them and created them for a purpose. Show them the love you want the world to see when they look at you. Love is not something physical it's one of the most spiritual connection there can be. The Almighty created love and he made it so simple and pure. So easy it to give and so easy to receive.
Our belief is so simple and pure. Our love is the perfect spiritual connection to the earth,to each other and most of all to the Almighty. It's our truth to share with others.
So embrace all things bright and beautiful and just LOVE.

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