Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lazy Summer afternoons

OK with 3 kids it's never truly a Lazy Summer afternoon. It is truly nice not to have to be on the go all the time with school being out. We have spent the first 3 weeks of summer rather busy and on the go.
We have spent most of the day time hiding from the heat. It's exhausting just to walk outside to get the mail. It's been in the 100's during the day and not out of the 80's at night. We get blessed with wonderful late afternoon thunder storms and the kids and I look forward to the cool down they bring. We are looking at heading to the library some this summer and maybe a few trips to the beach. The kids and I are going to pull out sometime towards the end of this month and go to my home town to stay with my mom for a week or two. They really enjoy being with their Nana and I love spending time pampering my mom. She works really hard and when I am their her and her husband never have to cook and they get a break from having to worry so much about that. I am hoping to get out to my Granny's farm as well. I haven't seen her in a while and I need that time with her. Then we will do some school shopping and get all the stuff that all 3 of the kids will need and we may even do some shopping for Rob and his back to school items he will need. That seems crazy to say but it looks like it will be a reality soon enough.

Here is a little update on everyone:

Rob is doing great. He is still working hard at Pizza Hut. He has decided to go to school in the fall. We are waiting to here back from the Pell Grant office to find out if he is able to get some assistance in going back. He wants to do story boards for commercials and for TV shows. He is super excited and I am hoping it all works out for him and for us. We need a change.

Jordan is doing wonderful, she is getting ready to enter high school in the fall.She will turn 14 this July and is super excited about the possibility of getting a job soon after her birthday. She is truly an independent soul. She loves to spread those wings of her's and fly. I am really proud of who she is becoming and who she wants to be. We are truly blessed to have such a bright and smart and beautiful daughter.

Logan is doing really well. He will remain in Kindergarten for one more year. He has a few things he has to work on to get him ready for 1st grade. He is happy that he gets to have the same teacher again and is really excited that he will know most of the stuff already. He has been informed by Mrs Dean that he has to be a leader and a big help to her. He loves the idea of being the big helper. So I am sure he will do fine.

Serenity is just a ball of energy. Now that her crohn's is being managed better she is non-stop. She loves to learn and loves to have all eye's on her. She loves to show everyone how smart she is. We can be with people she doesn't know and she will randomly start counting in Spanish or she will start naming shapes and counting to 20 with no help. She loves to have people tell her she is smart. She starts Pre-school for 3 yr old's as a model student at Logan's school in the fall. We are working really hard at losing the pacifier so far it's going well. She really loves that thing.

I am doing great,trying to keep up with everyone and make time for myself. Really enjoying not having to cook so much now that school is out. The kids don't like to eat as much during the summer so I am going with the flow. If they want sandwiches for lunch and dinner then that is what we are doing. If they just want yogurt and home made granola then we are doing that too. I am not getting as worked up as I normally do over what they are eating. I tend to stay pretty worked up over little things and I am trying hard to let all of the worrying I do be only over the things that matter. I have 3 cakes to make at the end of July. One is the wedding cake for my nephew and his beautiful bride. I am really excited about getting the chance to make a wedding cake. It's something I have never attempted before so I am praying with everything I have in me that it all works out well. The heat has me concerned but I am going to work around it the best I can.

Well time to go enjoy that afternoon thunder storm. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!! Hope that you all stay safe and that you do something fun with your love ones.

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