Monday, September 21, 2009

Seasons of change

Seems like things are forever changing. The more you want time to stand still and to slow down the faster it seems to move.
My kids are growing up so fast and they are learning and exploring so many new things.

Jordan is talking of her future and her dreams. And yet when I look at her I see the newborn baby I held at the age of 19. I was so scared that some how I would mess up her life and she would turn into a teenage mom with no real dream of being more then that. While I know she is only 13 and there is still plenty of time for things to go wrong, I just don't believe with her that they will. She is looking forward to going to high school next fall. She is planning on entering the IB program at school and earning some college credits while attending high school. And in 4 years she is hoping to apply to Columbia University. I want her to go to school closer to home but I will never stand in her way to achieve whatever dream she has in mind.

Logan he is loving school. He has to work hard to keep up with is his peers but he seems to do a good job of it. His teachers tells me all the time that his has broken the mold for sweet boys. She says she has never seen a boy as sweet as he is. And I agree with her completely. He has a tender heart and so affection and caring. He loves to take care of people and to make sure that everyone is happy. He seems to be out growing his seizures. He has not had one in a year and a half. Now I'm not saying that he can't have one but so far we have been blessed. I am grateful for any small blessing that is passed our way.

Serenity isn't a baby anymore. She is a toddler and almost a preschooler. She is so smart. She counts to 18 without help, she sings her ABC's and she knows most of her colors and all of her shapes. I would love to say that I did this and I worked with her all the time but a lot of it she picked up on her watching sprout and noggin. She isn't allowed to watch other channels so she has really learned a lot from those shows. She is learning how to use the computer and she plays on starfall to learn her letters and sounds. She has had some set backs with her health as of late. She was diagnosed with Corhn's disease and put on medication. We were doing so well with the medication and it had started to really help her out. But 2.5 weeks ago she had a flair up and it just hasn't gone away as of yet. Flair up or not she is still her bubbly,trouble causing self. She loves to have all eyes on her and she will make sure that she does something cute so that everyone is pay attention.

Rob is still working hard at Pizza Hut. While it isn't his dream job, it's a job. He seems to enjoy the work for the most part. He would love to get back into the technology industry and working with computers. But the area we live in there really isn't much work here.

I am staying busy with the kids being back in school.I joined the PFA and was asked to be apart of the SAC committee at Logan's school. I working in his class room every morning for an hour and I work come in 2-3 days a week in the afternoon for 1-2 hours. I enjoy being up there and I enjoy working with the teachers. I haven't done much baking as of late. I had made a few cakes over summer and they just didn't turn out well. Some it was me rushing them and the humidity really took a total on my frosting. So I kind of just put that to the side for right now. I am going to start getting my stuff gathered up slowly for my Christmas cookies. I already have a few teachers at the kids schools asking for my OMG cookies and another cookie I make.

That is our update for now.I am hoping to post more. I say that every time I post and I mean it each and every time. Just seems that things happen and get in the way of me being able to post.

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