Monday, April 27, 2009

Belly Hurts= No Dairy and now .....

we maybe head towards no Gluten. It's amazing how quickly things have changed since Serenity has stop nursing. She has had a lot of trouble with her stomach and after one round of testing we found she has an allergy to dairy. We fixed that with a simple switch to soy. Easy as can be you would think.
I never realized how much Dairy we consume, until now. We eat cheese at almost every meal. If it's not cheese it's milk in something. I have learned to make two different sides one with soy and one with milk. It makes life easy and she is a happy camper.
While the switch to soy has helped it didn't fix all that we needed it to fix. She is still having a ton of stomach trouble and crying after almost every meal and some days it's all I can do to get her to eat.
After much talk with the Pediatrician, we have decided to have her tested for gluten allergy and whatever else there could be. If we get any new hits on any of the testing we have to go see a GI and dietitian and a nutrition specialist.

This is so hard to wrap my brain around for some reason. I was ok with the Dairy allergy and knew that it was just a change of milk and cheese and yogurt. But this Gluten free life style is not a cheap one and isn't one I know much about. I have done some research and I have gone to the store and priced things and found as many items as I can that would take the place of what she would normally eat. And sadly there just isn't much out there for her. I am hoping I can get her to adjust easily to the new foods. Of course all of this depends on a blood test and it's results.

So if you are reading this and you are spiritual person if you would say a little prayer for her I would be grateful.


evil cake lady said...

Hi Laurie,
I hope your little one feels better soon. It must be so hard seeing her so sick and unable to eat.

As you know two of my best friends are celiacs--I remember when both of them got diagnosed and had to switch to a gluten-free lifestyle. The hardest part about being a celiac is eating out, but it can be done. You just have to start paying attention to all ingredients and where gluten may lurk.

If your daughter is a celiac, a good blog to go for inspiration and recipes is The Gluten Free Girl. She has an index of recipes as well as a good outlook on being celiac in a glutinous world.

I have also discovered an excellent GF baking book so she wouldn't ever have to miss out on birthday cake or sandwich bread.

I hope she finds the healing that she needs, and I hope you are getting the support you need, too.

All the best,

Laurie said...

Thank you so much ECL for you wonderful kind words. I will have to check out that blog. My husband and I are doing what we do, huddle together and face it with any other task. It is hard to hear her cry but I know that soon we will have the answers we need for her and for us. It's amazing how common this is becoming and yet Doctors really have no answers other then testing and more testing. I will have to go and see what books I can find at the book store on cooking for her. I am sure there are many great ones out there.
Thanks for your support and kindness.