Thursday, March 5, 2009

WOW what is she thinking

I know every one wants to cry "battered women syndrome" But enough already. How much more of a beating do you need before you have had enough? How much more of a eye opener do you need before you realize he isn't sorry and he will do it again?

I am writing this tonight because I have just read the whole article on the R&B singer and her Rapper boyfriend who did her harm. They have released they police reports and it is truly amazing that she walked away from it alive. Here is the report .

I think he should be in Jail right now. If you or I was charged with 2 felonies they would lock us up. It's just mind boggling that her family isn't doing more to keep the two apart. They are so we weren't there, we don't know the whole story. Does the whole story really matter when it comes to your daughter almost dying due to some one not being able to handle themselves? His age has no barring on this in my mind at all. Although a lot of people are using his age as an excuse for his actions. Sorry I am not buying that one. He knows right from wrong no matter what. And he knows he should not have touched her no matter how mad he was.

UGHH I can not understand these type of people. If he beat your ass once he will do it again. ABUSE is a ABUSE no matter how many I'm sorry's he says and no matter How much you love them you can not CAN NOT make them change. She needs to get help for her self and understand that he will not change and she can't love him into change.


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