Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anniversary Dinner Part 3

Well not all goes as planned.I had planned a wonderful dinner for my husband and myself and we had gotten really excited about eating and trying the strawberries. 3 days before our dinner Rob got the stomach flu as well as our daughter Serenity. So there went eating a huge meal. I decided to cook a small simple meal for the whole family and to still make the Stuffed berries. Now everyone is better and loved the strawberries.

Here is what we used to make Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries.

I mashed the cheesecake up with a fork.

How I cut the strawberries for stuffing them.

Stuffed and ready for Chocolate dip

Dipped and Already to eat..


evil cake lady said...

YUM. Did you pipe the cheesecake? I totally envisioned coring the tops and smushing the cheesecake in that way, but your method seems to yield more cheesecake, which is not a bad thing!
Sorry your big dinner fell through but I'm glad to hear that everyone is now on the mend.

Laurie said...

ECL: I just used my fingers to push it right into the cut. It seemed to work better that way due to the being in the mixture. There is never enough cheesecake for me.. It is my favorite.