Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red bums are every where

My sweet little baby and her meds are making for a nice red bum. I have done all a mother can do to keep her the red bum away. But it was a losing battle. She woke up on Tuesday screaming and holding her bum. Right away I noticed that she was also holding poop as well. So we quickly wiped the hand off and ran to the bath tub. Upon removal of the diaper I noticed a lobster red bum and then had to run for the oatmeal. After a nice oatmeal bath and air dry, we applied a cornstarch paste and more air time then a nice layer of butt paste and powder. She then let us know her bum felt better. We have now used a whole 60 diapers and it's just Saturday and a tube and half of butt paste and one container of oatmeal and 1/2 of box of cornstarch. But she is almost diaper rash free and her little bum is almost back to normal..
Sometimes I feel like you just can't win when you are a mom. You give them meds to make them feel better but while you are giving them meds you create a new problem, that in the end just cost more money and more pain for the little person you are trying so hard to take care of.. UGHHH

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RuthMcC said...

Hello from the UK

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