Saturday, April 12, 2008

My very first one

I never thought I would be much for doing this type of thing. But the more and more I see how my days are going as of late I feel the need to at least write some of it down. The kids are all doing well and Rob is working harder then ever. Jordan is off with some girl friends for the weekend and Logan and Serenity are helping me grocery shop. (ok so they are driving me insane while I try to remember everything I need.) Rob is his typical self, sleep right up until it's time for him to go to work and then rush out the door complaining that he is always late. UMM HELLO WAKE UP EARLIER!!!
His birthday is Monday and he will be 37. He seems to be excited about it this year. He has this huge menu he would love to have for his birthday dinner. Fetti bake and Salad and marinade steak pieces and bread and Banana Pudding for desert. He wants to take the kids to the park tomorrow and then rush home in time for the Masters. He and Logan will then curl up in my bed and watch that while I am left to empty the car out and take care of the baby. And Monday I'm sure I will be up at the butt crack of dawn, running Jordan to school, taking care of the little two, taking them outside to play,planning dinner, making lunch. And then he will finally stroll out of room to find out what's the plan for the day. By this time it will be noon and I will be almost ready to pull my hair out.

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday Rob!