Monday, April 14, 2008

How much our lives have changed

At age 2.5 my son had his very first seizure. No one actually know why it just started happening. After that first one he had 3 more to follow weeks apart, he was put through all kinds of testing and then put on medicine. He has had 5 more since that very first one. It seems like the first 4 time stood still then and things were such a blur due to all the information we were having to take in and learn all at once. At the time he was in speech for what we believed to be issues due to having many ear infections but after further investigation and research we have learned that our son is autistic as well. He is very high functioning but he is autistic and I am sure the older he gets that will become more of an issue then I would like it to.
We always knew after his 9 month old well baby check up, that things changed for him. And by 12 months of age he was not the same child that he was just 3 months before. And before his seizures we knew he was different from the baby we brought home from the hospital. I know a lot of parents don't want to believe that the shots our children are given cause autism or even help with triggering the gene that could be linked to it. But I know for us that something changed my son. Something stole my boys voice. He went from talking and being verbal to making noises and pointing and crying and whining to get what he needed and wanted. He started having to be taught signs and going to speech and having his hearing tested and then he started having seizures and having to be put on medicine that me may take for the rest of his life. He is now no longer is speech and has come out of his shell and started talking and communicating with us. But we have new issues to face, He has no interest in learning or sitting with us or wanting to have people touch his face or touch him very often. He hates, hates the camera and the flash. He never stays in one spot for to long and he is constantly moving and in motion. Listening and following simple directions are a chore for him. And he is going to be starting preschool next year. I can only imagine the phone calls we will get and maybe he won't even be able to attend due to the new issues that have started coming in to light. And going to public school the year after that I am sure will bring us new challenges.
I write all of this because tonight, my 11 year old daughter picked a tough subject to due a speech on at school. She choice Epilepsy and how it effects my brother everyday. And it made me realize how much our family has changed in the last 2.5 years. How much a medical condition can change your how life. I helped her work on her speech and the more I helped her the more strength I had to keep asking for. So many times I just wanted to tell her to change her topic and do something else. Her speech hit so close to home and it brought back the look my son has on his face right before he has a seizure and how scared my sweet little boy is. And to know that he knows the whole time what is happening and what is going on around him. And when it's all over with the 2 minutes that it last and he is coming back to us and he is so sad and has pee'd his pants (due to no control over his little body) and is embarrassed and is really sleepy and all the fear has left me because it wasn't as bad as the first one or it didn't last as long and I can thank God we didn't have to call 911 this time. Her speech brought into light how much this has changed her and how much she has had to learn so that if she is there she can help her brother.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Logan had so much problems. He seemed like such a normal happy boy to me when I visited, but then again, I never knew him at 9 months. I love the little guy & I hope he is well.