Friday, November 13, 2009

Cutting back and regrouping

Time for a family make over and a cut back on spending.
We never have had a lot to spend but we always seem to spend more than we should.
I spend way to much money on Groceries each month and even more by running back to the store for things that we want and not so much need. On average we spend $700-$800 a month on groceries and trips to the store. And the more I think about all the things we could be doing with that money the madder I was getting about how we waste so much.
My family never eats left overs. They just hate the thought of eating something more than once. So I have decided now they just don't have a choice. I will make things that can freeze and be pulled out for another day and it will be like having it new all over again.
I have started making a dinner menu again and master shopping list so that I know exactly what I need to buy and where the money is going.
I have even started making sure that if I am making a soup or a sauce I make a double batch so that I can save some for another purpose. So far so good.

Well shopping on Thursday I took with me $600.00 for the month and this time around, I spent $580.00. Now that still seems like a lot and I do want to cut back even more. I did stock up on a few items that I buy all the time and I did buy extra of things for holiday baking. In reality I spent $80.00 on the extra stuff and $500.00 on groceries. I real goal is to get the $500.00 a month down to $300.00-$350.00. I know it can be done and I am going to make it happen.

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Jamie said...

How are you going with this? I have a similar goal on my own blog.