Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am chaning the direction of this blog

As of late I have found that most of my blog is either a complaint or a worry. There isn't much happiness or much insight into my life or my thoughts. The more I read my blog them I realized that I just never really sound like a happy person or a person who spends to much time with out worrying about something. And to be quiet honest that isn't me at all. I am normally a person who lets things go easily and I never really worry to much about things for to long. I am a person who reads a lot and loves to share with others about the great books I've read and what they have meant to me.
And above everything I love my family and I love talking about them and all the fun times we have had or things we are planning to do.
When I first started blogging I thought I would use it to write little reviews of books I read and share a few thoughts I had and maybe a little about my family. And of course if I found a yummy recipe I wanted to share, I could do that too. I wanted to use this blog as an escape from what I do everyday. A way for me to be myself with out the mom part of me. I ma sure the two go hand in hand but I don't think they make up all of who I am.
So from here on out, welcome to the new blog. Welcome to who I am and what I think..

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