Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ben 10 Omnitrix Cake

Logan wanted an Ben 10 cake and after thinking about all the ways I could make the cake. I decided that it would be easier to make him the watch the boy wears to turn into the aliens.

So here it is start to finish.
This is a layer of milk chocolate cake and simple vanilla cake layer,iced together with plain white icing. Then I started the center of the dial for the top of the watch.

I added the black to finish the dial on the top of the cake.

Here I am frosting the outer edge of the cake. (sorry about the poor looks it was 1am)

I added to pieces of cake to make the wrist band. One is milk chocolate and the other is simple vanilla cake.

Here I am working on icing the wristband. And then what they look like before I add the details to them.

All the details are done, and I am getting ready to write on the cake. (this is the part I still need to work really hard on)

The lettering is all done and here is the finish cake.

I loved making this cake for him. It may not be my best work but it was fun. I worked on this cake until 3am and it was worth every minute of it.


evil cake lady said...

WOW your lettering looks so perfect! Can I send all my birthday cakes to you to letter?

Laurie said...

Sure you make the cakes and I'll do the writing. I would love that.

Chloe Wilson said...

This is a great looking cake.
I am trying to put together a blog post of the best Ben 10 cakes people have created and wondered whether you would mind me using your photo in my post, obviously with a link back to your website.
My website is If this would be OK with you please could you let me know by e-mailing me at referencing your website name.
Many thanks, Chloe

Anonymous said...

Just browsing through looking for Ben 10 cakes and came across your blog. I really like this cake. I think I could actually do this one.
Thanks for the inspiration.


Sylvia from texas said...

i've actually decided to do the same kind of cake for my son! just here recently as a matter of fact. i'm having a co worker of mine who quit the bakery business do it for me. but after seeing how easy you made it look~i might just do it myself. the only problem is that i cant bake for nothing! the oven is not my friend & i always have my husband get food from the oven for me. yeah~that bad! but anyway~your cake looks great & wish you all the best in your home!