Monday, January 26, 2009

What's the sound track of your life?

One of my neighbors has been doing his homework on my computer this week. He has this English project called sound track of your life. I started thinking about it and decided what an awesome idea.

So here are the categories you only have to pick 8 of them. The object is to pick songs that relate to your life in the different scenes. The songs themselves do not have to mention the events in them at all. They just have to fit your life at that moment.
Your birth
driving in a car
falling in love
breaking up
being alone
being with friends

So here are my 8

Birth- There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney- My parents were very young, mom 16,dad 19. I am sure at some point they both felt this. And in the end it showed when they divorced for whatever their reason was at the time.

Falling in Love- Tangled up in You by Staind- Nothing better then being in love and having that person in gulf everything about you and you doing the same for them

Breaking up- I F**King Hate you by Godsmack- I normally would say that it applies if I walked away.

Sleeping-I Can Sleep When I'm Dead by Jason Michael Carroll- being a mom to 3 kids sleep isn't something I get to much of. So this song fits..

Being alone- Listen To The Rain by Evanescence- If I had an alone moment that is what I would do..

Driving- Into the great wide open by Tom Petty- That is how I feel when I am driving. I just love to drive and go no where.

Eating- Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett- That is one of my favorite foods and there is a song all about it..

Death- The Promise by Tracey Chapman- I would want my kids to know I'm always with them all they would have to do is think of me.

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