Monday, January 19, 2009

Changing who we are as a nation?

At some point in my high school years I had a teacher clue me into the world around me. Although he wasn't my favorite teacher at the time I respected he thoughts and his views on the world we lived it. He never really used a text book to teach, he preferred a News week magazine. He said it would give us and update view of how one person could change the nation or the world we live in.

Here is it some 14 years later I hear those words ring in my ears yet again.
I do believe we have come a long way in 14 years but I don't know that our nation has been changed. Or that our nation is ready for the change that needs to happen. Yet our Newly elected President is asking us to work side by side with him and make the change and expect the things that need to be done and the hard work and the hard times that it will take to make the change. I for one believe that everything in life takes hard work and lots of time and lots of effort on many. I can't say that every American believes that same way.

Looking back I see that we are still a nation that has not accepted that not every American has or can afford health care and many die because they don't receive the care they need. Health care reform has been preached to us in every election as far back as Regan. Yet we sit with the same system and the same issues. Teddy Kennedy worked very hard to investigate a National health care system that we could put into place with in 2 years and it still sits in the bottom of the pile waiting to be investigated further.
Education is another problem we face every day as parents. How can I afford to send my child to college? How can I afford what the public school systems are asking me to keep sending in just so my kid and have all the supplies he/she needs for school that year? When will they pay teachers what they deserve to be paid? And every year it's the same song and dance "we are working on it, we are going to fix the problem." There has to be a system in place soon, or more and more children will not attend college and big business will not have the employs they need with the right education background.
And last but not least, the Jobs of America will be secure or unemployment will be a top priority. Well I know for a fact that it has been the case at all. I speak from experience when I say BIG COMPANIES got tax breaks from the government when sending jobs overseas to other countries. And where did that leave the American's that once filled those jobs. UMMMMM one GUESS ...
UNEMPLOYED!! How does that solve the issue? When do we see the promised change?

Now don't get me wrong I voted very proudly for Obama and Biden. And I still to this day believe that he is the right man for the job at the time in our Nation. But (and you knew there was one) I see already that is in for the fight of his life and he hasn't taken office yet. Congress is not going to budge on some of the things they need to budge on, his stimulus package is already taking heat and his plan for taking the tax break away from the rich is already under fire. I pray that Obama and Biden have what it takes to take on Congress and all the neigh sayers.

Tomorrow is a day of change and a day of History. And for my teacher in 11th grade that took us all to see President Clinton and Vice President Gore (who should have been the president a few years back), Thank you for opening my eyes to politics and thank you for opening my mind to the views of both parties. You played such a bigger role in my views of the world then I thought. You helped me realize how I felt about all the issues and on what side of the line I stood on. I hope that my children will have some great teacher like yourself inspire them the way you did your students.

I am ready to help with the Change and the service to our nation.. LEAD THE WAY PRESIDENT OBAMA and my family will for sure follow..

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