Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are reaching the end of babyhood

For the first time ever Rob go to put one of our babies to sleep. Sweet Serenity decided last night she didn't need to nurse to sleep. She gathered her blanket up and her paci and crawled up into her daddy's lap and he rocked her a little and she was out within 3 minutes. He held for about 10 minutes just savoring a very first time for him. He tried to be sweet and tell me it was just a fluke and that it will probably never happen again. But I know down deep inside he was dancing on the inside. You could see it in his eyes that he was loving every minute of it.
For me it was bittersweet. It was the first time in 17 months that I hadn't put her to sleep. That her and I didn't share a special snuggle before bed. At the same time it was nice to see that she would fall asleep with out me. That I could give that little bit of time to someone else and it would be ok with her and with me.
Now the not so great thing, I didn't get a picture of it because the batteries in the camera were dead. UGHH darn thing.

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