Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom's new best friend

A Must have for any mom with a toddler or animals or a grown man who drops things..

We were in target about 2 weeks ago and my Husband said we should look to see if they have something to make cleaning the floors in our kitchen easier. Logan being a kid who lives for infomercials said we need a Swivel sweeper, it picks up everything.
Rob said we would look and if they had one he would buy it. I not believing anything that is said on television about these things laughed it off and said whatever. Needless to say we left the store with one..
IT IS AMAZING!! The battery last for at least a week of 3-4 times a day of using.It picks up everything from paper to rice and best of all TOP RAMEEN NOODLES. It's very light and super easy to put together and it's a great way to get the little kids to clean as well. It's very quiet so if you have a small child napping you can use it and they won't know. It does work on carpet but it runs the battery out pretty quickly.

So my tip for the week, spend the $35.00 bucks and buy one.. THEY ARE SO WORTH THE MONEY!!

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