Sunday, August 3, 2008

We are family Part 2

My Dad, Del, Joel and myself

Left to Right
Lori,Joel,Serenity,Myself,Logan,Jordan,Rob,Granny,Trevor,My Dad,Del

Left To Right
Aunt Pat,Granny,Dad,Del,Aunt Sharon

BOO Aunt Lori!! Serenity play peek a boo

I'll Eat you Aunt Lori See!!

Lori and Joel (my brother and his girlfriend who I hope will be his wife someday soon)

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Melinda said...

Hello Laurie, I noticed recently that you had me on your blog roll. How nice to know you read my blog. I am not a 'big' blog so it is nice to say hello to you. I remember your inspired strawberry cake you did from Evil Cake Lady. It did look so good.
I have read through your blog since I had time today.
Being a mother to 3 children is hard work, if you are doing it right. You sound a loving mother but are honest with yourself about being tired and having worries. Typical Mom stuff!
So, I just popped over to say hello.
I love the haircut Serenity gave herself! My older sister styled my hair for me when I was 2. I looked like I had ringworm! I try to recall this incident to make her feel bad!
Cheerio for now.