Thursday, July 31, 2008

How will you be remembered?

After reading a great blog today it made me stop and think.
What will people remember me by? Did I actually bring happiness to the people around me? Did I do the best I could as a mom? No I'm not dying and I'm not ready to leave the world. But I also know no one is promised tomorrow.
I would hope that my friends would say I was loyal and that I stuck by them no matter what. I would hope that they would say that I made a difference at some point in their lives.
My husband I would hope that he would say that he loved me until the very end. I hope that he would say I was a good partner and a friend and a mother.
My children I can only imagine what they would say. I am sure my son would come up with she was the best mommy in the world. As he seems to tell me that daily even when he is being very naughty. My oldest I really hope that she has learned from me to be strong and never to give up. I also hope that she would say that even though I am her mom, that more importantly I was her friend and some one she could always count on.

How do you want to be remembered? What do you hope others have learned from you?

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