Thursday, June 5, 2008

What else could go wrong on her day

So Wednesday was all about Jordan.. It was going to be awesome, grandparents were here more were coming. Promotion, speech, Special time for her..
12:30 am- Rob vomits and beings running a fever
1:15 am- Logan comes in to our room and vomits in our bathroom (after already covering his bed)
3:00 am- Logan vomits more
4:51am- Jordan runs to bathroom vomits and cries because she is sick and that means no speech or special day.
6:55am-Grandma (my mom) comes out and wants to know what she can make everyone breakfast.. UMM NOTHING they are all sick. You and your husband get out of here before you get sick too. (I'm sure they are going to get sick anyways)
7:00am-Jordan wakes up and tries her best to get ready to go to promotion and get sick again. SO it's a no go.
7:01am- While Jo is getting ready Logan is hang over a bowl..
So I called everyone told them to stay away we all are sick and there will be no special day for her.
Called the school left a message with her teacher and then doctored everyone and rested as I was feeling like poop myself.
Now after 24 hours everyone is better.
I went today to the school and got her report card and got told how my daughter let everyone down and that they were surprised she didn't come anyways. UMMM HELLO EVERYONE IN OUR WHOLE HOUSE WAS SICK!! IF one end wasn't going the other one was.. (TMI I KNOW)
But on a happy note Jordan made all A's and one B. (only one point from all A's)

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