Monday, May 19, 2008

Over rated and under appreciated

Being an adult/parent just plain ole sucks most days.
Running around cleaning and picking up things and taking care of every ones needs and wants. Then paying bills, grocery shopping with screaming kids. Then having to worry about everyone's schedule and making sure everyone is where they need to be and on time. And if all of that isn't enough you get to deal with other Adults who do nothing but whine and complain but do nothing to make their life better or to even attempt on doing something better with their time.

A typical day for me starts like this.

4-5 am Serenity wakes to nurse.
5:30am back to bed for her and I catch a nap on the couch
6:30am Jordan up for school
7am Logan and Serenity are both awake and wanting food.
7:30am Everyone out the door to take Jordan to school
8am Home from taking Jordan
8am Logan's medicine
9am Outside to play before it gets to hot
Somewhere during this time Serenity will come over and ask to eat milk.(meaning to want to nurse again.) She knows the sign for both of them and has started to put them together to get what she wants.
10:30-11am back inside to clean everyone up and make lunch
12pm Lunch
12:30 Serenity nurses again
1pm Nap time
*During nap time I clean up the kitchen from lunch and take out something for dinner.
Catch up on emails and do any house work that needs to be done. Make Rob lunch and get him ready to leave for work. If I have time I call a few friends and catch up with them.
2:30pm Everyone up from nap
2:45pm Leave to get Jordan from School
3:05pm Everyone home from School, time for home work and snacks
Somewhere in here Serenity nurses again.
4pm Little kids outside to play and Jordan does the rest of her home work and chores.
5:30 pm Come in clean everyone up and make dinner
6:30-7pm Dinner
7-7:30 Outside to play
7:30 Bath for little kids and Shower for Jordan
8pm Medicine for Logan and snack before bed and then
8:30 Read books to Logan and Serenity and then off to bed for Logan
9pm Nurse Serenity and Jordan goes to bed
9:30 Clean kitchen and Living room and make sure at least one load of clothes are washed and folded and ready to be put away
11pm Shower before Serenity wakes to nurse
Midnight-1am Serenity nurses and We both call it a night until 4-5am..

After a day like that mind you that is with out any extra stuff that I normally do each day. That is a down day for us. I get the age old question from my husband and and other people, WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY??? UMM HELLO CAN I REALLY ADD MUCH MORE TO MY DAY!! Pretty much every hour of my day is already consumed.

Just for one day I would love to go back and be a kid. So All I would have to do is nothing..

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